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The UNISKY team consists of experts in business aviation with over 10 years of experience. We offer all existing services in business aviation and guarantee a safe, comfortable, and prestigious flight.

Private jet rental

UNISKY private jets take you quickly and comfortably to virtually anywhere in the world. Our airline is the largest business aviation operator in Russia and Eastern Europe. We specialize in organizing VIP passenger flights.

UNISKY's own air fleet consists of modern aircraft; the company makes sure that their technical condition is always close to perfect. We strictly adhere to safety regulations. All planes are in good working order, undergo technical inspection in accordance with the regulations.

The crews are made up of qualified professionals with extensive experience.
We will organize a flight of any complexity with the maximum level of service for you.

Private jet rental
Individual approach
Large selection of aircraft
The schedule adapts to your needs
Departure in 3 hours after the flight has been confirmed

Flight options

For those who regularly fly on private flights, it is useful to know that there are several flight options:

  • Private jet rental
  • Return flight (Empty Legs)
  • Jet sharing
  • Seat rental (Shuttle Up)

By renting a private jet, you pay in full for the flight of the aircraft. This is great if urgency, confidentiality, and privacy are your top priorities. In fact, for the duration of the flight, you and your companions have the cabin at your complete disposal. You can calmly work with documents or relax. Also, parents with small children usually prefer to book a private jet in full.

Empty Legs is a flight booking form where you can save up to 75% compared to a regular charter. The fact is that after the delivery of the client, our planes often return without passengers. Therefore, we offer significant discounts to customers who want to book such aircraft.

A return flight, as a rule, has an already appointed date and time of departure, and if you are looking for an urgent flight and the specified time suits you, then this is your flight option. If you are not in a hurry, your personal manager will select the ideal jet-sharing option for you.

Jet-sharing is a flight option in which you can rent the number of seats you need. Accordingly, you only need to pay a fraction of the cost of the flight.

Shuttle Up flights under the Shuttle Up program are carried out regularly, you can always choose a convenient date and buy one seat.

How the rental price is formed

When calculating the cost of renting an aircraft, several factors are taken into account:

  • type of aircraft;
  • the number of passengers;
  • route and distance of the flight;
  • technical stops;
  • date of flight;
  • seasonal loading of the air fleet by destination.

A personal manager is attached to each customer. His responsibilities include the selection of an aircraft with optimal characteristics and the development of an effective flight route that is both profitable and convenient for the client. The client chooses the most suitable from several offers.

Private jets for rent
Aircraft specifications
Flight range — 5,5 h
Passenger capacity — 8
Cargo compartment volume — 1,4 m3
Midsize Jets Hawker 700
Aircraft specifications
Flight range — 5,5 h
Passenger capacity — 8
Cargo compartment volume — 2,28 m3
Midsize Jets Hawker 750
Aircraft specifications
Flight range — 5,5 h
Passenger capacity — 8
Cargo compartment volume — 1,4 m3
Midsize Jets Hawker 850 XP
Aircraft specifications
Flight range — 5,5 h
Passenger capacity — 9
Cargo compartment volume — 2,04 m3
Midsize Jets Hawker 1000
Aircraft specifications
Flight range — 5,5 h
Passenger capacity — 13
Cargo compartment volume — 6,8 m3
Heavy Jets Legacy 600
Aircraft specifications
Flight range — 5,5 h
Passenger capacity — 13
Cargo compartment volume — 6,8 m3
Heavy Jets Legacy 650
Aircraft specifications
Flight range — 5,5 h
Passenger capacity — 14
Cargo compartment volume — 6,52 m3
Heavy Jets Challenger 850
Book a private jet

To rent a private jet, fill out an application form on our website.

Please include your name and contact details.

The service of personal managers works around the clock and seven days a week.

Our manager will promptly contact you by phone or email.

If you need a flight urgently, we can provide the aircraft within 3 hours after the flight has been confirmed.

VIP flight benefits

We try to ensure that our customers have only pleasant impressions about the flights:

  • we prepare all the documentation related to the takeoff and landing of the aircraft;
  • we independently negotiate with airports about renting slots;
  • skip-the-line customers go through personal check-in for the flight;
  • passengers check-in immediately before departure;
  • spacious aircraft cabins are comfortable, cozy, and equipped with the latest technology, they have created conditions for the work and rest of passengers;
  • the staff is delicate, polite, and helpful;
  • food is delivered from La Maree and “Podmoskovnyue Vechera” restaurants, taking into account the wishes of customers.

UNISKY aircraft are rented for different purposes: business travel, leisure travel, or to places of interesting events. The staff makes every effort to make the passengers of the private flight feel comfortable and satisfied with the level of service. We guarantee strict punctuality on our part, respect for the interests of the client, and absolute confidentiality.

Business jet crew

The crew of any UNISKY aircraft is a team of professionals. We employ qualified, responsible pilots with extensive business aviation experience.

The service staff behaves delicately and courteously, providing passengers with maximum comfort.

In-flight meals

The dishes offered to passengers on board are prepared by the best chefs at La Maree and Podmoskovnye Vechera restaurants. The bar offers premium alcoholic drinks.
If you or your companions have preferences or any food restrictions, please inform your personal manager. If children are flying with you, tell the manager what their meal should be like. We can provide passengers with any menu.

Departure and arrival airport procedures

Our company takes care of the paperwork related to the departure and arrival of the aircraft.

  • Passengers only need to go through personal check-in, which takes much less time than the standard one.
  • Our clients do not need to waste time in line, experiencing negative emotions in a crowd of angry people, and go through other tedious procedures.
  • Private flight passengers use VIP terminals. Personal registration takes just a few minutes.
  • By using the services of UNISKY, you will fully experience what real flight comfort is.
How much does it cost to rent a jet with a crew in Moscow?

The cost of renting a private jet depends on many factors. The urgency, seasonality, number of passengers, and flight distance are taken into account. To find out the approximate amount, contact our manager. He will offer several options from which you can choose the most profitable.

What is the minimum price for a private jet?
We have several programs to help our clients save money. You may be interested in the option of renting one or more seats, a return flight. For detailed information and a favorable offer, please contact our manager.
Is smoking allowed in the cabin?
Smoking in the cabin is strictly prohibited. Unfortunately, we are forced to ban both regular cigarettes and cigars, and electronic cigarettes.
What documents will I have to prepare?
Be sure to have a passport with you, and if you are flying with children, be sure to bring their passports as well. You also need veterinary passports and other documents for pets that you take with you (the list of documents should be clarified with the veterinary service of the country of arrival). If a visa regime is established with the country of arrival, you will have to apply for a visa. Please note that due to the introduction of quarantine, the requirements for citizens visiting different countries are constantly changing.
How long does it take to arrange a flight from the moment of payment?
It all depends on the complexity of the route, the required urgency. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the manager to work out the best route and calculate the cost of a private flight, but for complex routes, it may take longer. If there is an available aircraft in the city where you are located, you will be able to take off within 3 hours after the flight confirmation. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your personal manager selects the appropriate option. We guarantee that we will arrange the flight as quickly as possible.
Other business aviation services
Jet Sharing
Jet Sharing
This service allows you to share the cost of a business jet flight with other passengers, choosing the date, time and direction of departure at your discretion.
Shuttle Up
Shuttle Up
Shuttle Up is a service based on the principle of jet-sharing, which assumes shared seat-to-seat aircraft rental for a flight according to a specific schedule.
Empty Legs
Empty Legs
Empty Legs system flight is the rental of seats on return flights, for example, when the plane is ferried to the home-based airport. Tickets for such flights can be purchased with a discount of up to 70%.
Group charter
Group charter
Group charter is suitable if you need to organize a flight for several people, for example, a team departure for a business event or vacation. Aircrafts of different capacities are available.
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Private jet rental