The UNISKY team consists of experts in business aviation with over 10 years of experience. We offer all existing services in business aviation and guarantee a safe, comfortable, and prestigious flight.

Private Jet Rental

We fly to cities in the Baltic States, Europe, Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and Central Asia.
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Private jet rental is the perfect solution for those who value comfort, efficiency, and confidentiality. We offer you to take advantage of our business aviation services to make your journey as comfortable and safe as possible.

Our aircraft operate flights on individually designed routes, including intercontinental flights. We have aircraft of various capacities and flight ranges at our disposal, allowing us to find the optimal option for any request. Whether you are planning a business trip or leisure travel, we have aircraft that will meet all your needs.

You can choose the level of cabin amenities according to your preferences: from basic comforts to luxurious interiors comparable to top-class apartments. All our aircraft are equipped with modern communication and entertainment systems, allowing you to spend your time in transit with maximum comfort. The high level of service on board meets the strictest international standards.

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Our fleet
Legacy 600
13 pass
Flight Range
6200 km
6,8 m3
Cabin length
12,95 m
Cabin length
2,1 m
Cabin height
1,82 m
Challenger 850
14 pass
Flight Range
5830 km
6,52 m3
Cabin length
12,25 m
Cabin length
2,49 m
Cabin height
1,85 m
Challenger 300
9 pass
Flight Range
5741 km
3 m3
Cabin length
8,72 m
Cabin length
2,19 m
Cabin height
1,85 m
Cessna Citation XLS+
8 pass
Flight Range
3441 km
2,55 m3
Cabin length
5,64 m
Cabin length
1,68 m
Cabin height
1,73 m

Advantages of renting an aircraft from UNISKY

Renting a private aircraft from our company is not just a flight, but a comprehensive solution for your comfort and safety. We guarantee an individual approach to each passenger, high level of confidentiality, and reliability.

Our service is perfect for:

  • Business trips, where every minute counts;
  • Traveling with family and friends in maximum comfort;
  • Organizing VIP events and special onboard occasions.

By choosing to rent a private aircraft with us, you get:

  • A wide selection of aircraft of various types;
  • Individual route and schedule flexibility;
  • High level of safety and confidentiality;
  • Luxurious conditions onboard and first-class service.

Allow yourself to enjoy every moment of your journey by entrusting the flight to professionals. Contact us to learn more about our services and take the first step towards an unforgettable flight on a private aircraft.

Flight Options

For those who frequently travel on private flights, it's useful to know that there are several flight options available:

  • Chartering the Entire Aircraft.
    By renting a private aircraft, you fully pay for the flight of the aircraft. This is very convenient if urgency, confidentiality, and privacy are your top priorities. During the flight, you and your companions have the aircraft entirely at your disposal. You can work on documents or relax without any disturbance.
  • Empty Leg
    Empty Leg is a form of booking a flight where you can save up to 70% compared to regular charters. After delivering the client, our aircraft often return without passengers. We offer significant discounts to customers who want to book such flights. The return flight usually has a scheduled date and time of departure. If the specified time suits you and you require an urgent flight, this is the perfect option. If you have flexibility in your schedule, a personal manager will find the ideal option for you.
  • Jet Sharing
    Jet sharing is a flight option where you can rent the desired number of seats. You choose the date, time, and direction of departure, and some seats may be sold to other passengers. This allows significant cost reduction while maintaining control over the flight and the number of seats sold.
  • Seat Rental
    Thanks to seat rental, private air travel has become more accessible. Buying one seat is significantly cheaper than renting an entire jet, while still enjoying all the benefits of business aviation.

These rental options allow you to choose the most suitable format for your flight, ensuring comfort and savings. Contact us to learn more and choose the optimal option for your next trip.

How Rental Price is Formed

When calculating the cost of renting an aircraft, several factors are taken into account:

  • Aircraft type
  • Number of passengers
  • Route and flight distance
  • Technical stops
  • Flight date
  • Seasonal aircraft utilization by destinations

Each customer is assigned a personal manager. It is their responsibility to select an aircraft with optimal characteristics and develop an efficient flight route that is both cost-effective and convenient for the passenger. From several proposals, the customer chooses the most suitable one.

VIP Flight Advantages

We strive to ensure that passengers have only pleasant experiences during their flights:

  • We handle all documentation related to takeoff and landing of the aircraft
  • We negotiate with airports for slot rentals
  • Passengers skip the queue and undergo personal check-in for the flight
  • Passengers check-in just before departure
  • The spacious aircraft cabins are comfortable and cozy, providing conditions for work and relaxation for passengers
  • The staff is discreet and polite
  • Meals are delivered from La Maree and "Podmoskovnye Vechera" restaurants, considering passengers' preferences

UNISKY rents aircraft for various purposes: business trips, leisure travel, or to interesting event venues. The staff puts in every effort to ensure that passengers on private flights feel comfortable and satisfied with the level of service. We guarantee strict punctuality on our part, protection of the customer's interests, and absolute confidentiality.

On-Board Catering

The dishes offered to passengers on board are prepared by the best chefs from La Maree and "Podmoskovnye Vechera" restaurants. The bar offers premium-class alcoholic beverages. If you or your companions have any preferences or dietary restrictions, inform the personal manager. If you are traveling with children, let the manager know what their table should be like. We can provide passengers with any menu.

Cost of Renting a Private Aircraft at UNISKY

Our company offers only the best solutions and the best aircraft for rent. We care about passenger satisfaction, so we not only provide the best standards on the ground and in the air but also ensure that all flights are performed on time.

We have various types of aircraft at our disposal, so every customer will find something suitable. The entire fleet is distinguished by high comfort and reliability, undergoing regular maintenance. Thanks to this, we can ensure passenger safety on every trip. Therefore, if you are looking for convenient solutions that allow flexible travel around the world, contact UNISKY. We will be happy to answer any questions and offer you the best deal.

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We provide flights across the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.
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Ali Koshelev
That was the case when everything went smoothly. A week ago, my family and I flew from Istanbul to Moscow, chartering a plane through UNISKY. Competent staff, a good aircraft, quality, and service - everything was top-notch. Thank you, guys. Keep it up, now I only fly with you.
Peter Abramov
They arranged an urgent flight for me very well. Everything was straightforward and instant - payment, confirmation. Well done.
Irina Savicskaya
They helped me transport my beloved dog. I didn't know what documents were needed, but Unisky helped me! I quickly got the necessary documents, which turned out to be much easier than I thought. Thank you.

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Anastasia UNISKY
Head of Sales
How much does it cost to rent a jet with a crew in Moscow?

The cost of renting a private jet depends on many factors. The urgency, seasonality, number of passengers, and flight distance are taken into account. To find out the approximate amount, contact our manager. He will offer several options from which you can choose the most profitable.

What is the minimum price for a private jet?
We have several programs to help our clients save money. You may be interested in the option of renting one or more seats, a return flight. For detailed information and a favorable offer, please contact our manager.
Is smoking allowed in the cabin?
Smoking on the plane is prohibited, but may be permitted in certain cases, subject to prior arrangement with the manager when organizing the flight.
What documents will I have to prepare?
Be sure to have a passport with you, and if you are flying with children, be sure to bring their passports as well. You also need veterinary passports and other documents for pets that you take with you (the list of documents should be clarified with the veterinary service of the country of arrival). If a visa regime is established with the country of arrival, you will have to apply for a visa. Please note that due to the introduction of quarantine, the requirements for citizens visiting different countries are constantly changing.
How long does it take to arrange a flight from the moment of payment?
It all depends on the complexity of the route, the required urgency. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the manager to work out the best route and calculate the cost of a private flight, but for complex routes, it may take longer. If there is an available aircraft in the city where you are located, you will be able to take off within 3 hours after the flight confirmation. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your personal manager selects the appropriate option. We guarantee that we will arrange the flight as quickly as possible.
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