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Empty Leg Flights

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Often, after completing a flight, an aircraft must either return to its departure point or fly to its home base. To make this return flight more cost-effective for the aircraft owner, the plane is offered at a reduced rental price. This type of flight is an Empty Leg flight and operates on fixed dates, usually announced 1-2 days before departure.

How It Works:

  1. The aircraft completes a private flight or a jet-sharing flight.
  2. It needs to return to its base or reach the next destination.
  3. The previous client has already partially compensated for the return flight, so the cost of your flight can be reduced by up to 70% compared to a regular private flight.

If you have some flexibility in your plans and are willing to adjust to the schedule of a return flight, you can benefit from affordable and comfortable travel with UNISKY's Empty Leg flight offers.

Get the current schedule for Empty Leg flights
Our manager will contact you to confirm the availability of flights for your desired route.
Empty Leg Flight Schedule

The list of return flights that UNISKY will be operating soon can be viewed on our website or our Telegram channel. To inquire about the cost and book a flight,please contact us by phone at +7 495 260-60-08 or +7 916 008-66-11.

*Please note that the information about available flights is accurate at the time of posting, and any flight can be booked at any time. To confirm the availability of Empty Leg flights, please contact our manager.

Empty LegDateBusiness JetPrice
Moscow – Пулково22 JulyHawker 850XP1 100 000 ₽Order
Moscow – Пулково22 JulyHawker 850XP1 000 000 ₽Order
Istanbul – Ольбия23 JulyChallenger 300€ 13,770Order
Moscow – Мин Воды25 JulyChallenger 8502 500 000 ₽Order
Istanbul – Moscow26 JulyChallenger 8503 500 000 ₽Order
Moscow – Пулково26 JulyHawker 850XP1 100 000 ₽Order
Paris – Салерно27 JulyEmbraer Praetor 600€ 11,980Order
Moscow – Казань30 JulyChallenger 8501 500 000 ₽Order
Казань – Moscow4 AugustChallenger 8501 500 000 ₽Order
Nice – Милан20 AugustChallenger 300€ 5,700Order
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Our fleet
Legacy 600
13 pass
Flight Range
6200 km
6,8 m3
Cabin length
12,95 m
Cabin length
2,1 m
Cabin height
1,82 m
Hawker 850 XP
8 pass
Flight Range
4800 km
1,4 m3
Cabin length
6,5 m
Cabin length
1,8 m
Cabin height
1,75 m
Challenger 850
14 pass
Flight Range
5830 km
6,52 m3
Cabin length
12,25 m
Cabin length
2,49 m
Cabin height
1,85 m
Global 5000
13 pass
Flight Range
9630 km
5,24 m3
Cabin length
12,9 m
Cabin length
2,49 m
Cabin height
1,91 m

Why is it Beneficial?

  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy all the advantages of private aviation at a lower cost.
  • Flexibility: Fly solo or share the flight with family or colleagues, ensuring you are surrounded by familiar people.

Who is Empty Leg for?

Empty Leg is ideal for those who are flexible with their travel plans and open to spontaneous decisions. This system allows you to save up to 70% on the cost of the aircraft. However, it's important to note that we cannot guarantee the availability of these flights for specific routes and dates.

If you need to travel on fixed dates, we recommend considering full aircraft rental or seat-sharing options.

Features of the Flight

Throughout the flight, passengers receive high-level service, including expedited airport check-in, flexible baggage allowances, gourmet meals, and a comfortable cabin. However, punctuality is crucial for return flights— the plane must depart at the scheduled time.

Save up to 70% off the standard charter price

The cost of Empty Leg flights is influenced by the same factors as other private jet rentals. Prices are determined individually based on the route, flight duration, urgency, type of aircraft, and the number of seats. Payment is for the entire aircraft, whether you fly alone or with companions.

The discount size also depends on how urgently the operator needs to return the aircraft to its base or next destination. The quicker the return is required, the larger the discount, potentially up to 70% off the usual price. This means you can reach your destination in maximum comfort, even if a full private jet rental wasn't initially within your budget.

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We provide flights across the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.
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Roman Emelyanov
I'm really glad I used the service of return flights! It saves both nerves and money. The price for Empty Leg flights is simply astonishing – three times cheaper than usual! It's an unexpectedly advantageous offer compared to commercial prices. I'm very pleased with this choice!
Ilya Davydov
This company is great. I've flown with them several times. High level of service on board, welcoming and professional crew. Well done!
Anna Alexandrova
Everything went perfectly! My boss is very demanding, but even he was satisfied. Thank you!
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Anastasia UNISKY
Head of Sales
How Empty Leg flight is different from a regular private flight?
On a regular flight, the client himself chooses the departure time and the type of aircraft that he wants to rent. On Empty Legs, a passenger will need to adjust his schedule to the previously known departure and arrival time. The number of destinations on which such flights are currently available is limited and might be constantly changing - it depends on the schedule of other flights of the air carrier.
Can I specify a date and time for the Empty Leg flight?
The peculiarity of return flights is that they depend on the schedule of other flights of the airline. For example, if someone orders a flight from Nice to Moscow from an airline based in Moscow, the Moscow - Nice route will appear in the Empty Legs list of flights because, in order to pick up a passenger, the plane must fly to the starting point of the route. On our website, you can see which return flights are available now.
Is it possible to book an Empty Leg flight in 2 directions?
Usually, flights on such a system are made in only one direction. If you want round-trip flights, this essentially means finding two separate return flights at the right time. Contact us and we will try to find the right option. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust your schedule to take advantage of the best Empty Legs offerings.
What if there are no Empty Leg flights to the direction I need?
If the flight list does not contain the direction you need, leave a request on the website. We will try to find an option for your needs. The list of destinations for which return flights are available is constantly updated - new options may appear several days before departure.
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