The UNISKY team consists of experts in business aviation with over 10 years of experience. We offer all existing services in business aviation and guarantee a safe, comfortable, and prestigious flight.

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We fly to cities in the Baltic States, Europe, Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and Central Asia.
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Thanks to seat rental, private air travel has become more accessible. Even if your plans do not include the cost of renting an entire jet, you can still fly in comfortable conditions.

Renting a personal seat on a private jet is significantly cheaper than renting the entire jet. You pay only for one seat in the cabin but still receive all the benefits of business aviation.

Compared to a regular flight, renting a seat is more convenient and comfortable for several reasons:

  • VIP service at the airport and on board the aircraft.
  • Departure through the VIP lounge, with fast check-in and a comfortable waiting area.
  • You can bring your pet with you without worrying about its safety.
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Flight Schedule

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Russian Federation and the European Union have imposed mutual sanctions limiting flights between them. Currently, all flights from Russia to the EU and vice versa are operated with a political stopover in neutral countries.

There are several options for flights to EU countries:

  • Business Jet for All Route – this is a flight without changing aircraft, where passengers do not need to leave/change the aircraft during the political stopover. The process of re-registering flight information takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • Business Class + Business Jet – this is a flight with a change of aircraft in neutral countries. From Moscow, you fly in business class on a Black Jet Boeing 757 aircraft, and upon arrival in neutral countries, you transfer to a business jet, which takes you to your final destination.

We also want to assure you that we have significant experience in aviation and know how to make your flight from Russia to Europe (and back) more advantageous and comfortable.

Book a Single Jet SeatDateCost per seat
Moscow – Malaga – Moscow28 June€ 7,500Request
Moscow – Nice – Moscow28 June€ 6,500Request
Moscow – Pisa – Moscow28 June€ 6,500Request
Moscow – Nice – Moscow5 July€ 6,500Request
Moscow – Pisa – Moscow5 July€ 6,500Request
Moscow – Nice – Moscow5 July€ 13,500Request
Moscow – Thessaloniki – Moscow5 July€ 5,500Request
Moscow – Larnaca – Moscow6 July€ 12,000Request
Moscow – Nice – Moscow13 July€ 6,500Request
Moscow – Pisa – Moscow13 July€ 6,500Request
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Aircraft rental in 3 simple Steps.
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Our fleet
Hawker 850 XP
8 pass
Flight Range
4800 km
1,4 m3
Cabin length
6,5 m
Cabin length
1,8 m
Cabin height
1,75 m
Challenger 850
14 pass
Flight Range
5830 km
6,52 m3
Cabin length
12,25 m
Cabin length
2,49 m
Cabin height
1,85 m

List of Current Destinations for the Summer Season 2024

You can view the list of destinations available for flights in this format on our website. Among them are popular routes for both leisure and business trips:

  • Moscow – Nice – Moscow
  • Moscow – Paris – Moscow
  • Moscow – Malaga – Moscow
  • Moscow – Pisa – Moscow
  • Moscow – Thessaloniki – Moscow
  • Moscow – Larnaca – Moscow
  • Moscow – Dubai – Moscow

*Flights to EU countries are conducted with a technical stop in neutral countries.

Features of Seat Rental – Business Class + Business Jet

Moscow — Bodrum

  • Business Class Flight: Regular business class flight
  • Aircraft: Black Jet Boeing 757
  • Departure Airport: Vnukovo-1 International Terminal, Terminal A
  • Airport Services: Separate check-in counter, "ART Lounge" business lounge
  • Departure/Arrival Time: 9:00/14:35 local time
  • Layover: ~ 60 minutes, at the international terminal
  • Arrival in Bodrum: Meet with a UNISKY representative and transfer to the business terminal

Bodrum — Nice / Paris / Malaga / Thessaloniki / Pisa

  • Flight Type: Business jet
  • Departure/Arrival Conditions: Serviced in private aviation terminals, individual approach to passengers
  • Departure Time: 15:35 local time

Nice / Paris / Malaga / Thessaloniki / Pisa – Bodrum – Moscow

  • Flight Type: Business jet
  • Departure Time: 10:00 — 11:00 local time from the business terminal
  • Departure/Arrival Conditions: Serviced in private aviation terminals, meet with a UNISKY representative, transfer to the international terminal
  • Departure from the International Terminal: 16:10, Arrival in Moscow at 21:25 local time

Additional Information

  • Baggage Limit: 1 piece (25-27 kg) + 1 piece of carry-on baggage (5 kg)
  • Additional Baggage: €100 per piece (requires approval)
  • Pet Transport: Up to 8 kg in the cabin — €500 (requires approval), over 8 kg in the cargo hold — €1500
  • Seat Selection in Black Jet: €100
  • VIP Escort in Moscow: RUB 27,000/adult, RUB 13,500/children aged 2-12
  • Meet&Assist in Bodrum: €200/departure, €180/arrival
  • Individual Transfer in Bodrum between Terminals: €200

Flight Features

Service is provided similarly to full business jet rental: no need to queue for airport check-in, and you can comfortably relax and enjoy personalized catering during the flight. Although there will be several people on the jet, the seats are arranged so that they do not disturb each other, allowing each passenger to enjoy the flight without distractions.

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We provide flights across the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.
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Anna Zueva
It's a pleasure to work with professionals. We flew on a shared flight for the first time and didn't fully understand the system. The manager, a very pleasant and competent lady, explained everything to us in detail and in an understandable manner. We were satisfied with the service and the company UNISKY - well done!
Georgy Birykov
I really liked the jet-sharing service at UNISKY. It's convenient to split the flight cost with other passengers while maintaining a high level of service. We were very satisfied.
Polina Ermakova
For the first time in our lives, my husband and I flew on a business jet. UNISKY has some great offers; we flew from Moscow to Nice for 10,000 euros (for two). Renting seats on the plane is a fantastic service, and we will use it again and recommend it to our friends.
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Anastasia UNISKY
Customer Relationship
For who seat rental is the most suitable solution?

Renting a seat is the best solution for those who want to fly with maximum comfort, but do not want to pay the entire cost of using a private jet. You will fly on the same flight with other passengers, but the conditions will be more comfortable than in business class. This service is convenient to use if you are flying with a company of several people. Go on vacation with the whole family in maximum comfort, fly abroad with friends or organize a business trip for yourself or your colleagues.

The seats are located so that passengers do not interfere with each other, so during the flight, you can work on your laptop, relax and have a delicious lunch. There are such flights to all popular destinations, and thanks to them you can quickly get to your destination.

What is the difference between Shuttle Up and Business class?

The main difference from Business class is that you get better service for a slightly higher price. Business-class passengers must arrive at the airport more than an hour before the flight and have to spend a lot of time checking in. Shuttle Up passengers pass through the VIP terminal. It is enough to arrive at the airport half an hour before departure since you can quickly check-in for the flight and go through the necessary formalities.

The atmosphere in the cabin is much more pleasant and quieter than in business class - after all, there are no more than fifteen people on board. Eye-pleasing decoration, thoughtful design of each seat, on-board catering, and additional services will allow you to relax and unwind during the flight.

Now Shuttle Up has another important difference: in a pandemic, when regular flights are limited to many destinations, do not fly at all or can be canceled at any time, renting a personal seat on board a private jet gives you the guarantee that you will get to the desired destination.

What is the procedure for booking a seat on a private jet?

Thus, there are several ways to find the desired flight:

  • download our application to keep track of the current schedule;
  • subscribe to the publications of the telegram channel, where information about current flights appears;
  • leave a request on the website;
  • contact our experts by phone for more information about the Shuttle Up program.

Choose the option that is convenient for you, and we will take care of organizing your flight with maximum comfort.

What if there are no Shuttle Up flights to the destination I need?

Flights with seat rental are carried out primarily on those routes that are constantly popular. We open new directions if there is a high demand for some routes. And if you are interested in other destinations, alternatively use a group rate rental. This option will be cheaper than renting the entire plane for an individual flight.

If I am running late for the flight, will you wait for me?

Typically, jet-sharing flights have stricter requirements at the time of arrival than when renting a private jet. It is best to avoid delays in order not to delay other passengers. If you are late for your flight, please contact your manager.

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