The UNISKY team consists of experts in business aviation with over 10 years of experience. We offer all existing services in business aviation and guarantee a safe, comfortable, and prestigious flight.

Group Charter

We fly to cities in the Baltic States, Europe, Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and Central Asia.
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Business life is hard to imagine without international visits, and flights to other cities or countries. The need to organize a corporate charter arises in various cases – for example if you plan to arrange a trip for a group of employees to a conference or seminar, organize a collective outing for leisure, hold a foreign meeting, or another event.

Both large and small companies often use this service to organize trips for their employees. During its execution, the individual needs of each passenger are taken into account: during the flight, everyone receives restaurant-quality food according to their preferences, and all conditions are created onboard for comfortable work and relaxation. Often, a corporate flight implies that employees should be able to work onboard, stay connected, and address business issues directly during the flight.

We organize group charter flights both in Russia and abroad. Entrust your journey to us and enjoy high-quality service from start to finish of your trip!

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Our fleet
Legacy 650
13 pass
Flight Range
6200 km
6,8 m3
Cabin length
12,95 m
Cabin length
2,1 m
Cabin height
1,82 m
Challenger 850
14 pass
Flight Range
5830 km
6,52 m3
Cabin length
12,25 m
Cabin length
2,49 m
Cabin height
1,85 m
Global 5000
13 pass
Flight Range
9630 km
5,24 m3
Cabin length
12,9 m
Cabin length
2,49 m
Cabin height
1,91 m
Falcon 7X
16 pass
Flight Range
11020 km
4 m3
Cabin length
11,9 m
Cabin length
2,34 m
Cabin height
1,88 m
Lineage 1000
19 pass
Flight Range
8519 km
12,55 m3
Cabin length
25,7 m
Cabin length
2,68 m
Cabin height
1,97 m

Group Charter Organization

Chartering a flight is the optimal solution when you need to arrange travel for a group of people. We have aircraft available for different numbers of passengers, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

When organizing a flight, UNISKY takes care of all the details. You just need to specify the dates and describe your requirements. Our passengers don't have to worry about flight delays, late arrivals, or lost luggage: because we control all the processes, such problems are eliminated.

Charter booking is the best solution when you need to fly on a non-standard, rare route or with several intermediate stops. You can book a round trip or choose only one direction.

Chartering a private jet is useful for businessmen, artists, athletes, and other VIPs who prioritize speed, absence of delays, force majeure circumstances (flight cancellations), comfort, and privacy during the flight.

Order a private business jet from the leader in aviation services - UNISKY. Enjoy impeccable service and individual approach to every passenger!

Chartering a Plane with UNISKY

Our offering includes the turnkey organization of group charter flights. We arrange comfortable group flights on business jets for any number of passengers at any time to any destination.

We have extensive experience in organizing flights for high-profile passengers, both individually and as part of group trips for corporate employees, members of sports teams, musical groups, or event management organizations.

Additionally, chartered planes can be used to transport injured or seriously ill individuals to selected medical facilities abroad.

Advantages of corporate charters

  • Luxury and comfort: over many years, our team has consistently worked to provide travel experiences that exceed the expectations of our clients
  • Safety: UNISKY has a stellar reputation in flight management. Safety is always our priority, so we carefully select the most experienced pilots for our crews.
  • Full Range of Aircraft Options: We have a diverse fleet of charter aircraft available that can be tailored to meet your specific needs, including various types, cabin sizes, and capacities.
  • Personalized Service: Flying with us provides an unparalleled experience compared to first-class travel. You will not have to go through lengthy check-ins, delays, or deal with lost luggage. Your itinerary is not subject to external factors.
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We provide flights across the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.
Reviews about the company UNISKY
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We only publish some reviews about our business aviation services on the website. The majority of reviews cannot be published due to our privacy policy.
Maksim Nikolaev
We flew on watch in Irkutsk. All good, thanks for the flight! Keep it up, guys.
Maksim Medvedev
50 people flew to the match, the flight was organized according to the technical task, on time, and on schedule. Thank you.
Ilya Mihaylov
We flew to a business forum. Everything was OK, I liked the plane and the service.
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Anastasia UNISKY
Head of Sales
What is the maximum number of people your business jets can accommodate?
Our fleet includes medium and large business jets, so you can choose the best option for a group flight. We will be able to offer boards with different capacities from 8 to 250 people.
Can animals be brought on board?
Yes, if necessary, we will organize the transportation of animals in conditions suitable for them. Warn the manager in advance that one of the passengers is planning to take a pet to the cabin, and we will inform you what needs to be done for this.
What documents are required for a group flight?
The main document required by a passenger on an international flight is a passport. In addition, a visa may be required for certain countries.
Is there a transfer to the plane?
If necessary, we will organize a transfer for the participants of the group flight both at the point of departure and at the point of arrival. VIP-class cars are used for transportation, which means that the road to and from the airport will pass for you with maximum comfort.
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