The UNISKY team consists of experts in business aviation with over 10 years of experience. We offer all existing services in business aviation and guarantee a safe, comfortable, and prestigious flight.

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We fly to cities in the Baltic States, Europe, Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and Central Asia.
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International flights have become a part of life for business people worldwide. Visits to conferences and meetings, negotiations with foreign partners, visits to enterprises, and leisure trips – in all these cases, aviation proves to be the optimal mode of transport.

However, the capabilities of regular airlines are often insufficient. Chartering a private aircraft will appeal to those who want to independently determine the route, freely choose the departure time, and have maximum comfort on board. If necessary, you can conduct video conferences or business negotiations right during the flight, as comfortable conditions for work or relaxation are created on board.

By chartering an aircraft, you essentially rent it for a certain period and can determine the route and desired departure dates yourself. In addition, our staff takes care of organizational issues at all stages, including flight preparation, document processing, in-flight service, and airport transfers.

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Our fleet
Hawker 700
8 pass
Flight Range
3700 km
1,4 m3
Cabin length
6,5 m
Cabin length
1,8 m
Cabin height
1,75 m
Hawker 750
8 pass
Flight Range
3600 km
2,28 m3
Cabin length
6,5 m
Cabin length
1,8 m
Cabin height
1,75 m
Challenger 300
9 pass
Flight Range
5741 km
3 m3
Cabin length
8,72 m
Cabin length
2,19 m
Cabin height
1,85 m
Cessna Citation XLS+
8 pass
Flight Range
3441 km
2,55 m3
Cabin length
5,64 m
Cabin length
1,68 m
Cabin height
1,73 m

How Charter Flight Costs Are Calculated

The cost of chartering a plane depends on several factors. First and foremost, the type and capacity of the aircraft are significant. The price is also influenced by the flight duration, route, season, and urgency of the order. Additional services may require extra charges. Therefore, the cost is determined individually for each order, with the specific amount being finalized during discussions with the client and fixed in the contract. We will ensure that we find the option that is optimal in terms of price specifically for you.

Features of Business Jets

The private business jets you can charter from us are aircraft with premium cabin finishes. Regardless of which jet you choose, you can expect comfortable seats, ample free space, and conditions suitable for work and relaxation. You can order onboard meals from a restaurant of your choice. Whether you hold a business meeting on board or retreat for a quiet rest, our business jets ensure you enjoy comfort throughout the flight.

A private plane can be chartered for one person or a small group for a business trip or a vacation. Leave a request, and we will advise you on which aircraft suits your situation. Our company has a large fleet of aircraft, which undergo regular maintenance according to strict regulations and are always ready for urgent departure.

Pilot Training Level

At the controls of our planes are crews with a high level of training. They regularly conduct international flights and undergo continuous training and skill enhancement. With our pilots, you can be completely assured of your safety and protected from unforeseen situations on board. They will do everything possible to ensure you feel maximally comfortable during the flight and arrive at your destination on time.

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We provide flights across the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.
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Veronika Voroncova
I've been flying with you for 3 years now, but I decided to write a review. In addition to the high-quality service, I would like to mention separately that there are always great deals on good, fresh planes! I wish you continued development and prosperity.
Roman Ovsyanikov
A huge advantage of the company is that they only offer proven and reliable aircraft, new with good interiors and in full technical order.
Елизавета Белова
Не совру, если скажу, что Unisky – мои любимчики в вопросе перелетов. Надежная компания, молодцы ребята, отдельное спасибо менеджеру Валерии - настоящий профессионал.
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Анастасия UNISKY
What is an air freight?
Air chartering is the rental of an aircraft for the purposes of an individual, such as vacation trips, business flights, medical transports, or other needs. This format allows the client to set the departure time and route, adapting it to their work schedule and personal requirements.
Can only a part of the plane be rented?
Air freight means the rent of the entire aircraft. Thus, you pay for the opportunity to use it at your discretion for a certain period of time, both for individual and group flights. If you are interested in sharing a private jet with other customers, check out Jet Sharing.
What documents are required to request an aircraft?
The set of documents depends on whether you are flying within Russia or abroad. For foreign flights, you need a passport, and in some countries you will need to apply for a visa in advance. In addition, now many states require the provision of additional documents on the state of health. Our specialists are always aware of the current rules and will help with the preparation of all papers.
Are there any baggage restrictions?
By choosing a private flight, you can expect more flexible baggage regulations. However, prohibited items by law cannot be transported. You can carry your belongings both in carry-on luggage and in the baggage compartment. We always handle our clients' belongings with care and ensure their safety. If you plan to transport animals or any cargo with special requirements, please inform us in advance, and we will provide the necessary conditions.
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