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Aircraft Management is a comprehensive program aimed at optimizing costs and addressing all issues related to the operation of the customer's aircraft.

Private aircraft ownership is perhaps one of the most challenging asset management endeavors. Upon acquisition, owners face a series of complex decisions and significant expenses. Commercial aircraft management demands a deep understanding of the aviation industry, precise mathematical calculations, and constant monitoring of the aircraft's condition, maintenance conditions, and crew.

Owners of private jets bear immense responsibility daily, with their actions determining whether they profit or suffer colossal losses. Moreover, the costs of owning a private aircraft can reach tens of millions of dollars annually, and any mistake incurs additional expenses.

Our company is ready to take your aircraft under commercial management, providing a professional approach and cost reduction. Entrust us with the care of your aircraft, and we guarantee its efficient and safe operation.

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What can UNISKY offer?

UNISKY offers aircraft management services, encompassing a full range of tasks from financial planning to crew management. Our extensive experience in managing private aircraft allows us to make optimal decisions, prioritizing the profitability and safety of our clients' flights.

Commercial aircraft management entails a comprehensive set of services, including choosing the mode of operation, planning and organizing private flights, crew selection, training, and management, technical maintenance, financial reporting, and much more. UNISKY customizes the program's service offerings with each aircraft owner based on their specific needs and preferences.

In particular, UNISKY can assist with the following:

  • Choosing the mode of operation (private or commercial) and jurisdiction
  • Developing contractual and legal frameworks
  • Planning, organizing, and ensuring operational flight support
  • Crew selection, training, and retraining
  • Developing terms of commercial utilization (if necessary)
  • Financial reporting
  • Technical maintenance.

Operation Mode

It is worth noting that commercial aircraft management can be oriented towards solving various tasks: for example, some acquire private jets solely for personal flights, while others aim for revenue generation. There are numerous ownership forms, including fractional ownership. Depending on the number of owners, acquisition goals, and flight hours, we will offer you the optimal mode of operation and select the jurisdiction in which the aircraft should be registered. Through the correct choice of utilization model, it is possible to significantly reduce aircraft maintenance costs, resulting in substantial savings.

Finding a Crew

Aircraft management involves crew selection trained in operating specific types of aircraft. Pilots of private jets often face stricter requirements than those in regular airlines. In particular, business aviation pilots require specific flight hours and authorization to operate flights in complex meteorological conditions.

This is due to the specificity of private liner operation: a regular aviation pilot flies the same routes, with major airports as destinations. In contrast, a business jet commander flies to small airports, each time on new routes and more frequently encountering challenging weather conditions. Every flight is unique, so pilots must be prepared for anything.

Finding high-class crew members is a challenging task. However, by entrusting the search and management of the flight team to UNISKY, you can forget about the associated complexities and not worry about the crew's qualifications. The crew has extensive experience in business aviation, regularly undergoes training, and can handle any unforeseen circumstances.

Charter Organization

Another important component of aircraft management is the direct organization of flights from point A to point B. This process requires an understanding of aviation processes from within and how the company interacts with airports. This task must be handled by a specialist who understands how to organize charter flights while adhering to international aviation rules. Therefore, entrusting this task to a personal assistant is not enough.

Contact UNISKY and order comprehensive aircraft management services. It always includes flight planning and organization, as well as reaching agreements with arrival airports regarding landing, servicing, and parking.

Technical Maintenance

Technical maintenance of business jets constitutes a significant portion of their maintenance costs. The speed and quality of service are crucial as they directly affect the aircraft's service life and how often it can fly. UNISKY's holding company includes firms specializing in the repair and technical maintenance of all types and models of aircraft. This allows UNISKY to provide fast and high-quality service for aircraft under its management.

These are just a few of the services offered by UNISKY as part of its comprehensive aircraft management program. They are all aimed at helping the owner of a business jet reduce costs and increase revenue from aircraft ownership without sacrificing their most valuable asset - their personal time.

Thanks to these programs, you don't have to delve into the aviation business and study all the intricacies of organizing charter flights, which could take many months or even years. You can entrust all aspects of aircraft management to professionals with extensive experience in aviation and flight organization, who know exactly how to maximize the benefits of owning a private jet and optimize costs. By using UNISKY's services, you will enjoy your own business jet with maximum comfort, as specialists will handle all aspects of flight organization, maintenance, and crew selection.

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Where can the landing take place?

In contrast to airplanes, helicopters can land on almost any relatively flat surface. The only condition is that the area must correspond to the characteristics of the aircraft's design. Typically, a landing area of ​​25-50 sq.m is sufficient for a helicopter. Most landing sites do not need to be registered. However, there are places where landing is prohibited. For example, it's impossible to land in restricted flight zones or on territory deemed dangerous for such operations.

How quickly can you organize a helicopter flight?
It's all individual. Some of our clients have been able to charter a helicopter in as little as 1-2 hours - that's been enough time for our manager to coordinate all the flight details with the air carrier and for the necessary documents to be processed within the company. We recommend planning the rental in advance, but we're always ready to assist you with urgent tasks. Contact us to check the availability for booking.
What are return flights?
These are flights that an airline operates when it needs to relocate the aircraft to its base airport - for example, when there is a need to pick up a customer from another city or return to the base airport after a one-way flight has been completed. Usually, such flights are operated empty, so it is advantageous for the airline to find passengers for this leg of the journey. These flights are much cheaper than regular aircraft rentals – discounts can reach up to 70%.
What is the difference between Jet Sharing and aircraft seat rental?

When renting a seat, the airline offers business jet flights to the most popular destinations, and passengers can buy one or more seats on them. When using jet-sharing, the “main passenger” chooses the time and direction of the flight, and he also determines how many seats can be sold to others.

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